To use a bicycle has many positive advantages, both for our body and the environment apart from saving money.

The bicycle ride on a daily basis is really good for your heart and if you can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease dramatically just by riding 20-30km a week. Apart from this then riding a bike and getting some moderate exercise can boost your immune system so you can better beat of cold and minor infections.

Exercising with a bicycle is also a very good exercise if you have bad knees or problems with overweight and is less stressing on your body than running. Cycling is known for being a low impact activity that is generally kinder to your joints and body. If you are overweight then every time you plant a foot when running, all that extra weight is amplified through your knees and ankles and the force of impact will be felt quite fast, leaving your muscles sore and ligaments and tendons damaged.

By commuting by bike you save money on bus fare and gas, simply by pedaling to work. By going by bike you also you will be amazed in seeing how much opportunity there is to explore your local surroundings. Most people commuting never realize just how much there is so close to us, so maybe you'll learn to appreciate your local community.  By going by bike you also park like a boss as you can park almost anywhere. You can literally ride door to door and dont have to pay for your bike parking.

If you are one of these people that work on a daily basis many hours at the office then you should contemplate the option of using a bicycle as a main transport to get your daily exercise. A trip to the office on a bicycle is a great way of relaxing before a hard day and will energize you, even on a gloomy Monday morning.

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