When you are looking for a bike you should look different places and compare different prices and qualities. It is often harder to find the exactly kind of bike you are looking for in your local bicycle shop. Their stock is not very big due to space and local dealers are restricted to limited range of manufacturers and models. 

By purchasing a bicycle online you will benefit from the freedom of having a larger selection of suppliers and products. The prices are normally lower and your time of looking for the perfect product is also lower when you can view many products in the comfort of your home.

The process of purchasing and receiving a bicycle is very simple. We pack your product within 24 hours after you place your order and you will receive your products in your own home without any difficulties. Thanks to excellent logistical arrangement withour delivery partners and suppliers we can deliver your bike or products to your front step with an impressively short timeframe. We can always follow your order and return your products should you not be happy for whatever reason up to 30 days. 

When you order your bicycle online you need to assemble the bike yourself and this requires you have specialized tools. For most orders you will need as a minimum: 

  •       Allen keys
  •       Cable cutters
  •       Screwdriver
  •       Wrench

The steps are very simple and anyone can do it. You simply attach the front wheel, set the seat height and spin on the pedals. Before all the bikes are shipped they are revised by our bike mechanics so you can start riding within moments of opening the box.

We offer trusted service and we are always ready to help should some issue come up. Purchase your next bike here at Bikestocks and we ensure you a good experience.